How to get College Scholarships for High School Students

August 3, 2011
how to get college scholarships

How to get College Scholarships

Learning how to get college scholarships for high school students looking to fund their college education is very important. Putting some time and effort into the process can help you to fund your education. You don’t want to be stressed out about paying for it out of pocket or owing a ton of money when you graduate if possible. You also don’t want to have to work full time while going to college, as you won’t have enough time to rest or study that way.

First Steps on How to get College Scholarships for High School Students

When it comes to how to get scholarships for college, you need to get organized. You need to do your homework early to find out what is out there. Look for scholarships that you will be eligible for based on what you have accomplished. For example if you have a high GPA or you have a financial need, then you will qualify for certain types of scholarships.

If you have hobbies, a disability, or something unique about you consider those scholarships too. There are scholarships out there for all kinds of things so nothing is too far out of the ballpark for you to consider. There are even college scholarships for specific types of study, ethnic groups, and music so find out what would be a good match for you.

If you belong to any organizations, find out if there are scholarships that they offer. Many larger organizations offer scholarships and if you have been a leader in that organization it can pay off. For example if you have served in 4-H in your community. Check out what local retailers offer too. For example Wal-Mart which is just about everywhere, and they offer plenty of funds for scholarships.

Find out the application requirements and get to them. For example if you need to write a killer essay, plan it out and make sure everything is powerful from start to finish. Get some great references too so you can use them on your applications. Have dates written down for volunteering, leadership activities, and work experience so you can refer to them for your scholarship applications.

Don’t forget to look locally too when it comes to how to get college scholarships. Start out with your school financial aid department and counselors. They can help to get you pointed in the right direction. Go to workshops too that answer questions and give pointers to applicants. Find out if your own employer or that of your parents offer any college scholarships too.

If you plan to attend a specific college, find out what scholarships they offer. Many schools have scholarships that are in memory of someone that was part of that school; such as memorial scholarships. There are opportunities presented there for you to be able to get college scholarships. Many students tend to overlook this resource, but you can make sure it is one that you look closely at.

Take the time to ensure you have all of the documents you need to apply for a particular scholarship. You don’t want to be disqualified because you didn’t include information that they asked for. If they ask for a 2 page essay, don’t send them 1 and don’t send them 3. Pay attention to the details and get it right.

Part of how to get college scholarships for high school students is to get everything in a nice, neat envelope. Don’t fold papers in thirds. Instead, get long envelopes that it will all fit into. Account for mailing time, so give the application at least a week to get there. You may want to send it certified mail too so that you can verify it arrived. Apply for many scholarships too, not just a few of them. That way you increase your chances of being awarded money for college.

How to Get Scholarships for College – Watch out for the High School Scholarships Scams

As a word of warning on how to get scholarships for college, you should never have to pay in order to apply. Watch out for such scams because they are everywhere you look online these days. Any scholarship out there will be free to apply for – no processing fees should ever be involved.

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