High School Scholarships 2011

August 17, 2011
high school scholarships 2011

High School Scholarships

The last year of high school is very exciting, and it goes by in the blink of an eye. It is also a time when someone needs to consider high school scholarships 2011. That will help to ease the burden of paying for an education. Many high school seniors have a dream of going to college, and funding can stop them in their tracks. Here are some types of high school scholarships that you may want to consider.

2011 Scholarships for High School Students

Among the high school scholarships in 2011 is the AFSA National High School Essay Contest. This is open to all students and it allows them to share their thoughts on various political views and debates that are out there. The theme for the essay contest varies every year, but it has to do with the US Foreign Service. As a result, students that have parents in that entity can’t apply.

Applications for this scholarship are taken from December 15th through April 15th. One winner is selected for a scholarship of $2,500. The winner also receives an all expense trip along with their parents to the Nation’s Capital.

Drinking soda is a common thing for any high school student to take part in. The Have a Coke and a High School Scholarship Smile is something to look into. This program offers 250 awards annually and the amounts vary from $10,000 to $20,000. These funds are broken up over a period of 4 years.

The funds can be used for any accredited college in the USA. Applications are taken from June 1st through October 31st. Only high school seniors can apply, and applications are taken online. The applicants are selected based on their overall academics, school involvement, community involvement, and an essay.

If you or your parents have been rejected for a student loan based on your credit, don’t feel like all hope is lost. One of the high school scholarships 2011 that could help you is actual for those that are in such a predicament. It’s called the Spend on Life College Scholarship. To apply, you must have a rejection letter from the lending institution. There are 10 scholarships awarded annually. They can range from $500 to $5,000. It depends on the cost of the college where they attend and if they are enrolled part time or full time. Applicants can be in high school or college and they can be between the ages of 17 and 25. Applications are accepted from January 1st until June 15th. This scholarship may or may not be available so check their website to see if their scholarship is open at this time. It will be based on weather or not they have raised the funding.

Don’t overlook religion either when it comes to high school scholarships 2011. Many youth are involved with their church and want to continue that. There is the High School Scholarship for Faith Students to consider. They have an essay competition that they offer in conjunction with the Interfaith Action on Global Poverty.

The essay has to do with enterprise solutions that can help to reduce poverty around the world. Applications are taken from June 1st through October 15th. There are two high school scholarship winners annually, each one for $5,000. The funds can be used at any accredited college in the USA.

Many high school students enjoy hunting, and that can earn them money for college with these 2011 scholarships for high school students. The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Call Contest is open to all high school seniors. It is a fun competition where you have to show your duck calls. You have to demonstrate in the areas of hail, feed, come back, and mating. The scholarship can be used at any accredited college in any field of interest.The rules for the duck calls have to follow those of the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest. The competitors each have 90 seconds to demonstrate what they can do.

The Big Dig Scholarship is also one that you can apply for. High school seniors that plan on going to college or students that are in their first two years of college can apply. The application must be accompanied by an essay of 500 to 1,000 words.

The topic is what would you bury in your backyard for relatives to find in 200 years. The high school scholarship is awarded to the most creative answer. The amount of this scholarship is $3,000. Applications are taken from December 15th through April 30th.

The Alvin Cox Memorial Scholarship is ideal for those students that already know what they want. Each year they offer (10) 2011 scholarships for high school students of $500 each to students that are going to be attending an accredited college. An essay that may be up to four pages long can be submitted about why you want to attend college. Applications are taken from January 1st through June 1st.

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