Tanabe Scholarships for High School Students

April 26, 2012
high school scholarships

High School Scholarships

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship offers the opportunity for prospective college students to realize their dream of attending college. This merit-based scholarship is named for two best-selling education authors, Gen and Kelly Tanabe. It is through the generous donations of the Tanabes that this scholarship program is funded. This scholarship program is specifically for high school students in grades nine through twelve, as well as for college and graduate students. Working adult students may also apply for the scholarship. Applicants must either be in school or have plans to enroll in school within the next twelve months.

These are primarly high school scholarships and came about through an understanding that the single largest barrier for many students with hopes to attend college is money. The goal of the Gen and Kelly Tanabe scholarship is to assist in removing this obstacle by offering scholarships to students of all ages. The scholarships offered through this program can be utilized to pay for college as well as graduate school. The first scholarship from this program was awarded in 2001. Since that time, the scholarship program has awarded money to numerous outstanding students and helped them to realize their dreams of a higher education.

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe high school scholarships are merit-based. A student’s financial need is not considered in the selection of winners for this scholarship. Furthermore, grades, test scores and other forms of past academic performance are not considered. Applicants are required to submit a personal statement when applying. The ultimate goal of this scholarship program is to establish a level playing field that allows students to have total control of their scholarship applications without advantages given for academic or financial circumstances.

Gen and Kelly Tanabe, together, were accepted into each of the Ivy League colleges. They have won more than a combined total of $100,000 in merit-based scholarships and were ultimately able to graduate without any debt from Harvard. Today, they tour the country speaking about the importance of college planning.

The deadline to apply for the spring high school scholarships are January 1st. The deadline to apply for the fall scholarship is August 1st. The first place award is $1,000.

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