Scholarships for High School Freshmen


High School Freshmen Scholarships

Scholarships for high school freshmen are readily available and students with the interest should not have a problem finding financial aid programs while planning for their future college education. These opportunities exist through a number of venues, but especially in the way of contests and national awards. This is especially the case with regards to essay competitions. These sorts of scholarships for high school freshman are available at the local, regional and national levels depending on which organizations students go through. Several programs also exist within the sciences for students interested in inquiry and scientific interests.


About Scholarships for High School Freshmen

Other scholarships for high school freshmen are available through the arts or community building organizations like the American Legion. What is generally the key with high school scholarships for freshmen, is the development of their young minds. Throughout these programs is a keen interest in helping young high school freshmen to open up to new possibilities and encouraging them to explore their own interests concerning their academic futures. Students who are interested in getting access to scholarships for high school freshmen would be wise to start planning early and to apply to as many programs as possible. As the point of these programs is to help young people prepare for college later in life, every award won will count towards helping them with their financial aid needs when they graduate from high school.


American Legion’s Oratorical Scholarships for High School Freshman

The American Legion’s Oratorical Scholarships for high school freshman is designed to help encourage deeper understanding and appreciation of the United States’ Constitution. Students are required to research and then prepare their own understanding of an aspect of the US Constitution after which they will be required to present their work orally to a gathered audience. The program starts at the local level and then slowly advances to a state competition, ending at a national program. Competitors at the national level will be able to compete for the award with the first place winner receiving $18,000. Second place winners will receive $16,000 and third placers will get a scholarship for $14,000. Every student who makes it as a first place state winner will get a $1,500 scholarship and if they survive the first round of winners at the national level they will receive and addition $1,500. All high school students under the age of 20 are eligible to compete and should contact their local American Legion Post for entry details. Deadlines are normally early in the year for the local post competitions and students should contact the post for local application dates.


Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Contest has Scholarships for High School Freshmen

Very common in high school freshman scholarships is the essay contest. One such example is the Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Contest which provides scholarships money to students who write a winning essay on the book, “Anthem.” In order to be eligible for the contest students will need to be in either 8th, 9th or 10th grades and submit an essay of at least 600 words to the contest. A single first place winner will get a $2,000 scholarship, five second place winners will get $500, and 10 third place students will receive $200. On top of this, 45 finalists will get $50 and 175 semi-finalists will receive $30. The deadline is March 20.


Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing High School Freshman Scholarships

Another essay contest giving out scholarships for high school freshman is the Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing program. In order to be eligible, high school scholarship, freshmen students will need to be in grades 8-12 and be under the age of 18. All applicants will be expected to sign up and become members of the Family Travel Forum. Submitted essays must be about a trip a student took with their family and what it meant to the writer. A first place winner will receive $1,000, a second placer will get $500 and a third place student will be given $200. 25 different students worthy of honorable mention will get two free tickets to a Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum around the world. Essays should be submitted no later than August 1 and not before May 1.


Alliance of Young Artists and Writers High School Scholarships for Freshmen

Segueing from essays to writing and the arts, there is a great scholarship for high school freshmen available from the Alliance of Young Artists and Writers. Known as the “Apply Yourself Awards” the program gives out scholarships for students across multiple artistic disciplines. This program gives out awards to students from diverse art backgrounds from mixed media, architecture or comic drawing to students who write prose, dramatic scripts, or poetry. Awards will vary from category to category and some categories are not available to freshmen. Only American students will be able to apply and all applicants will need to be in grade 7-12. All application materials must be turned in by Fall 2011.


High School Freshman Scholarships from the Discuss Awards

Students in the arts, involved in the community, or almost any field they believe they perform strongly in will be eligible for a high school freshmen scholarship from the Discuss Awards. Students are nominated either by themselves or another person, and maintain an active profile with the organization discussing their talents and abilities. Every month numerous members are given awards and placed into a scholarship pool which is then used in the application process to determine winners. This scholarship for high school freshmen is incredibly unique in that it provides students who may not have incredibly grade point averages or generally strong academic backgrounds. Every month a winner is awarded $2,000 and students are encouraged to submit their profiles early in order to maximize their chances.


Action for Nature Eco-Hero Award for High School Freshmen Scholarships

The Action for Nature Eco-Hero Awards are given out every year as high school freshman scholarships. Students aged 8-16 are eligible to complete an environmental oriented project of their own design locally and then submit their work for consideration to the Action for Nature people for consideration in their scholarship competition. Scholarship awards will vary project to project and the deadline is February 28.


Scholarships for High School Freshmen from Museum of National History

A program from the Museum of National History called the Young Naturalist Awards are given out to select students every year. Part essay, part science contest, this scholarship for high school freshmen challenges the young mind and opens them up to science as a field of fascination and inquiry. Students are expected to submit their own, original work and complete all artwork and original tables themselves for the project. Two ninth grade winners will receive $1,000 scholarships and all materials must be submitted no later than March 1.

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