Scholarships for High School Sophomores

scholarships for high school sophomores

College Scholarships for High School Sophomores

Scholarships for high school sophomores are available throughout the country at different levels. There are many national scholarships available from various organizations as well as some regional or local scholarships for students interested in finding additional financial aid. Some scholarships for high school sophomores will appear in the form of competitions, and there are a number of high school scholarships available which test the knowledge or responsibility levels of young people applying for an award.

Many Essay Contest for High School Sophomores

Many programs exist for students that want to enter essay contests and many others which focus very specifically on a young person’s interest in community service. These programs will test the dedication and interest in various topics for students and encourage them to begin looking for financial assistance for college at an early stage. It will be important for students to prepare for many of these programs early so they will have the most time to prepare for them, and this is especially true for those high school scholarships which test an individual’s general knowledge. While none of these programs can necessarily predict whether or not a high school sophomore will enter a specific field or career, they are in many cases useful for having students consider what they may or may not be interested in.

List of Scholarships for High School Sophomores

Common Knowledge Sophomore High School Scholarships

The Common Knowledge Scholarships are a great way to start earning relatively small amounts of financial aid early. Students who are able to maximize their winnings in these programs will be able to build up a substantial award over all. There are multiple monthly Common Knowledge competitions which will quiz a student’s understanding of various topics. One of these programs is the basic Common Knowledge Quiz program which changes topics every month. In March the topic is pop music, in April the book Siddhartha, in May is it vocabulary and in June it is general trivia. Students who are in high school will be eligible to compete and merely have to have an account in order to take the quizzes. Quiz takers who score in the top 25% will be able to compete in a broader program to win $250. The programs start at the beginning of every month and close at the end.

Cyber Security Common Knowledge High School Sophomore Scholarship

The Cyber Security Common Knowledge program gives out scholarships for high school sophomores who take a quiz regarding digital laws in the United States. This program gives out $1,000 to a single first place winner and $500 a second placer. This competition is open during the month of November.

Homeland Security Common Knowledge Quiz

Another great common knowledge program comes in the form of the Homeland Security Common Knowledge Quiz. This particular scholarships for high school sophomores asks questions regarding immigration laws, issues regarding terrorism and bring up topics relating to border security. Students interested in this program should take the relevant quiz when it opens on October 30th and before it closes on November 5. Awards are given out to a single high school student in the United States as well as a single high school student from Philadelphia.

Prudential Spirit of Community Scholarship for Sophomores in High School

Scholarships for high school sophomores given out to students interested in community service are fairly common. One such program is the Prudential Spirit of Community scholarship program. This particular program is open to students in grades 5-12 and gives out awards at two different levels. Students from specific states may be awarded a State Honoree title and given a $1,000 scholarship. At the national level, a varying number of National Honoree will be given $5,000 and an additional $5,000 grant towards a charitable organization of their choice. Students will need to have at least 50 hours of community service under their belt, up to 100. The deadline for this program is November 1.

DAR Scholarship for High School Sophomores

Daughter of the American Revolution provides a limited number of high school sophomore scholarships at DAR sponsored high schools around the country. Students will need to consult with their school counselor of office to determine if their school is a participating member of the DAR High School program. The award amounts vary student to student based largely on financial need. Applicants will need to be interested in pursuing a career in education, though their eventual decision is not linked to being awarded the scholarships when they finally make it to college. All application materials will need to be submitted no later than April 15th.

NC WI T High School Scholarships for Sophomores

Awards for Aspirations in Computer supported by the National Center for Women and Information Technology is available around the country in regional programs. This college scholarship for high school sophomores seeks to give out awards to young high school women who have shown a strong interest in information technology or computing in general. Awards will vary from program to program depending on the region a student is applying in and applications are generally due no later than November though this may also vary depending on locale.

Ayn Rand we the Living Scholarship for High School Sophomores

Essay contests are certainly fairly common when looking at scholarships for high school sophomores. Students who are interested in writing should certainly check out the Ayn Rand We the Living essay contest and prepare to submit their work for consideration. This scholarship for high school sophomore requires that students read We the Living and submit an essay answering one of the questions as presented by the organization. A single first place winner will receive $3,000, five second place students will get $1,000, and five third placers will be given $300. Twenty five different finalists will be given 50$ and another 75 semi-finalists will receive $25. All application materials are due no later than May 5.

College Jumpstart College Scholarship for High School Sophomores

The College Jumpstart high school sophomore scholarship is a great way to start planning a future college education. This program is designed to help students literally “jumpstart” their future academic careers by giving them some financial aid funds which will help them to afford the cost of high education. Students will be awarded $1,500 for first place winners, $750 for second placers and $250 for multiple honorable mentions. Applicants will need to be US Citizens, planning attend a two or four year university upon completion of high school and be dedicated to a college education in their future. All application materials must be submitted no later than October 17.

There are many other scholarships for high school sophomores and the above are just a few of them. Some may hit the market every day and consistently searching for them will allow you to apply to them as found.

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